wtfplay-live TODO list

version 0.7, December 2018

1. Intro

This document is a simple list of features to implement in wtfplay-live that have been requested by the users.

2. Requested features

The top priority is the constant optimization to make wtfplay better sounding as well as faster and smaller.

The other requested features are listed below.

Note, that the items below appear in no particular order, i.e. there are no priorities here.

2.1. Player

  • Add support for CUE files.

  • Add support for AIFF files (not compressed).

  • Add support for ALAC files.

  • Add support for DFF files (not compressed) - work in progress.

  • Add support for gapless playback.

  • Test SOX re-sampling library.

2.2. Distribution

  • Add support for RME HDSP sound cards that require firmware loading and dedicated mixer configuration.

  • Add full localisation support (locale, font and keyboard layout) - nearly there.

  • Test RT kernel patch.

  • Test support for NFS.

  • Test support for remote shell (SSH).

  • Make ARMv7/ARMv8 build (Odroid X2, Odroid C2) - work in progress.

2.3. Documentation

  • Write a short and practical shell (command line) tutorial.